OMFG Modding and Splatoon!

The crew is joined this week by @theturnipmaster, Peter Christiansen. Tom, Lance, Steve and Vance spend their time discussing the world of game mods, and then grilling Peter about his adventures in Splatoon.


Kickstartering Batman in the Butt

The crew assembles to discuss Kickstarters, Batman and Lance’s love of colonial marines. Have Kickstarters gone too far? Should massive publishers be given access to this, or should they use their own cash to put out their titles?

E3 2015 Our Favorite Things

Tom, Lance, Mandy, Jacob and Randall discuss their favorite happenings from E3 2015. Is this the crews favorite year?

Bloodborne, Battlefield, and Gaming Soundtracks

Chuck, Tom, Arthur and guest Kade talk about the latest releases and their favorite soundtracks. Kade has been jamming non stop on Bloodborne, and Lance and Arthur have been hitting Battlefield Hardline. Not to take thunder away the crew finishes up by discussing their favorite video game music.


Chuck Vs. Tom #IDARB

Happy March everybody! Chuck and Tom checked in this week for “Come at Me Bro!” The challenge was simple, every score in #IDARB resulted in a drink for the failed goalee, the results are damning. I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but Chuck didn’t bring his a game to the party. You can check the results in the video below.



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FANX 2015 Aftermath

Fan X 2015 has come and gone and the crew was out in full force. Chuck and Tom were on such panels as, “What Makes Games Good” and “Final Fantasy: The Ultimate RPG”. The crews new friend Aaron Hastings from Lord of the Laser Sword joins the episode this week to wrap up the con. This episode also features: Mandy, Vance, Tom, Chuck, and Grumble Mountain’s Arthur Carter.





Bonus: “What Makes Games Good” Panel Audio

Grim Fandango, Dying Light, and Piracy

The crew has assembled for another weekly look at gaming. This weeks episode features Jacek, Chuck, Tom and Steve as they discuss what’s new in gaming. The crew has been playing Dying Light thanks to review codes from Techland and Grim Fandango, courtesy of DoubleFine. It wouldn’t be an episode without a rant for or against piracy from the crew. Video and audio link below!



The New EID


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